Wednesday, March 11, 2009


People, on our visit to a tribal village MALLIAMMAN DURGAM which is really a remote inaccesible village which doesn even have a mud road route for it.People need to travel around eleven km uphill to reach that village. A primary school which has been built in that little settlement is not merely because of the efforts if the government officers, it was the villagers who were really dreaming to have a school for their village. Materials which were brought for the purpose of building the scool were from a town. All those materials like brick,cement were all carried to that village by the villagers themselves without asking for wage. When we reached that tribal settlement, we found a very pathetic situation of rural education in tamilnadu. We came to know that teachers reach that school only once or twice in a month. That school building is totally used as a guest house for some police or forest officers reaching that vilage officially.People there are not even aware of wat is happening around. They are totally disconnected from the rest of the world as they don have power. Please take a look at the spelling of ERODE DISTRICT painted in school building. It is misspelled as ERODE MAVATTAM instead of ERODE MAAVATTAM.

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