Tuesday, July 21, 2009


LIGHTING MALLIAMMAN DURGAMThis was an activity organized by GEO along with help of some likeminded individuals who were really passionate about helping people. It was in orkut from where we got all the contacts of such kind hearted people. They were very much interested in helping people who are in rural areas and in un accessible areas. So GEO guided them towards MALLIAMMAN DURGAM which was really in need of such kind of people’s attention towards it. They totally arranged everything to mobilize the fund and they ordered for a solar street lamp which was worth of 21000 and they we also planned to renovate two more solar street lamps which were not working for the past three years. So, two more batteries and two CFL bulbs worth 10000 was sent by them through a travels to sathyamangalam from Chennai. GEO members totally organized everything right from receiving the materials of solar lamp. Our mamooth task was to take those materials uphill. We were unable to reach the villagers of malliamman durgam to inform them regarding the need to take those materials uphill. We struggled a lot to convince people and make them carry those materials uphill giving them daily wage. We had four people from Chennai and a technitian who came with them from Chennai. We received them in sathyamangalam by 12 am on Friday and made them stay in kadambur forest guest house which was 25 km from sathyamangalam. An expert team from GEO started by 4am Saturday to kadambur and along with technitian and people from Chennai we climbed up the hill. It took around five hours for us to reach the village. Throughout the way, we had no souces of water except one natural well which had water throughout the year. Draining out all our energy we finally climbed up the hill where we were very well greeted by the villagers. They helped us in all the way to get our self settled and ,we started our work by installing the lamp with the help of technitian and by evening four it was clowdy and was wristling. We were very sad that this would hinder us in erecting the light that night itself. But by 6pm when the sun went down, we saw the light glowing. We also saw a cute smile among the people of that village who were very happy to see a light in their village, they all greeted us heartfully and thanked us. I would definetly say that it was the day when i really felt happy at my heart. All those people gave us a great send off from that village. We came back with the hope that malliamman durgam will benifit atleat to some extent from our activity.


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  2. Hi Saravana,
    I am Raghunath,Chennai.Its really great to see your work. I would like to talk to you can you give your contact number.
    My number is 9444550008
    My mail- raghu.ceg03@gmail.com

  3. Amazing place in the tamil nadu....myself and Ragu team enjoyed a lot when we were in MALLIAMMAN DHURGAM...

  4. Nice work sir , we are doing rural study about the village Malli Amman durgham , we would like to know more about this village for our college project.

    My mail id : ruralarchi@gmail.com